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Jan 08, 2016

Casper Pharma LLC Launches Commercial Operations With Brand Acquisition

(BUSINESSWIRE) – Casper Pharma, an emerging specialty brand pharmaceutical company, announced the following recent executive appointments for three senior roles.

Casper Pharma LLC Launches Commercial Operations With Brand Acquisition

Casper Pharma LLC, a New Jersey corporation and affiliate of Citron Pharma LLC, announced on Monday the launch of commercial operations in the US with the acquisition of four brand pharmaceutical products from Shionogi US representing a combined addressable market size of over $196 million; Triglide® Tablets, Robinul® and Robinul Forte® Tablets, Furadantin® Suspension and Fexmid® Tablets. The launch of commercial operations combined with the acquisition of these cornerstone products places Casper Pharma on track for significant revenue growth in 2016. "The launch of Casper Pharma is an outgrowth of our success at Citron Pharma and an evolution of our strategy to create an exceptional pharmaceutical company," said Vimal Kavuru, President and CEO. "Our experienced management team is committed to maintaining a highly efficient operation across the organization, creating a solid foundation for long-term growth."

Commenting on the launch, Casper Pharma Executive Vice President, Ira Baeringer, stated:

We are anchoring the launch of Casper Pharma to the acquisition of four well-known brand franchises in the US market. The foundation of growth at Casper Pharma is a strategically focused Business Development initiative, focused on heritage brands in diverse market segments. By all measures, we are off to a strong start in 2016”. “The Shionogi portfolio is the first of several planned product launches at Casper Pharma this year. Six additional brands, previously acquired from Pfizer, are scheduled to be reintroduced to the market in 2016. This will further position Casper Pharma as one of the fastest growing brand companies.

Ashok Mayya, Casper Pharma COO states, "Casper Pharma is headquartered at Two Tower Center in East Brunswick, NJ. This prominent location in the midst of a concentrated Pharma corridor provides us the flexibility and footprint to continue to scale operations as we grow and add the talent and expertise required for continued success."